Newbies And Great Memories

by altardy on September 29, 2013


When I parked these great people were the first folks I talked with in the parking lot. 

Sammy had never participated in a walk or run before.  However, the Color Vibe runs are set up for everybody to join in and have a good time. So, knowing what we were about to experience,  we got a before pic…IMG_0009

and an after pic with her daughters Stephanie and Kristen.  And hopefully mom is now hooked on our running world. IMG_0016

Candis, Ryan and I met before the run and actually started together.  This was Candis’ second running race ever and her first in Massachusetts, as bicycling is more her sport. Ryan and I first met in Worcester 4-5 years ago at the New Balance Fields.  His senior project in high school was to put on a fund-raising 5k.  I happened to run that race and did a sparkling write-up about the great job he had done. 

Think of it, 4-5 years ago and because of this “crazy running thing” we still remembered each other and shared great memories.  THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. 

Well, there are 3 more entries including pictures that really can’t be described. Check them out.   


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