OK, This Was Going To Be A Different Kinda Day

by altardy on September 29, 2013


When I first arrived at the Davis farm two hours early (which is typical for me)  things seemed to be the kinda normal quiet.  The sounds of people setting up registration booths and all that goes with the pre race normal activities.IMG_0004

I introduced myself to Tyler, who’s the race director for the Color Vibe runs in the area.  I started discussing trying to get a Vibe 5k in my area. 


 And then I saw this sign.  At that point I realized that even though I’ve done 250-300 races I was in for something new and exciting.IMG_0011

And pictured here after the run with Colby, another organizer,  you can see my colors almost match those of the kid on the banner. Tyler, Colby and all the others that put this day on did an awesome job and gave a huge crowd of people a special day to remember. 

WHAT A GREAT DAY THIS WAS.  I have 4 more entries with pictures from the day.  So check them out and check out www.TheColorVibe.com .

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