The Color Vibe–A Totally New And Exciting Experience

by altardy on September 29, 2013


For the second week in a row this is not a photo of the sun setting on my way home from a race.  This, again, is a picture of a pre-sunrise on my way to a race.  I was headed with a bit of new excitement because I was headed to run in something I had not experienced before.IMG_0002

 As I arrived in the area of the run I lucked out and got this picture of the geese flying over the farm machinery and thought how things already had a special feel to them.IMG_0012

I arrived two hours early to the race at the Davis’ Farmland and saw that I was not the first runner to arrive, which normally is the case.  Other runners were already there and excited.  I thought to myself “this is different!”. You see I was arriving to my first (and definitely not my last)….IMG_0020

 Color Vibe Run that I had heard about but never participated in before.

WARNING: If you enjoy staying home and doing nothing on the weekends, you may not understand the next 5 entries. BUT, if you like to get out and experience fun and excitement with happy, laughing and very colorful people, then you NEED to read what the day was like on the Davis’ Farm with The Color Vibe.  Check out . and feel free to email me with anything you want to share at .READ ON.     You may have to enter into the September Archives of the blog section to get to all 6 entries and other race write ups.

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