Off The Couch, Quit The Cigs, And Don’t Forget The Carbs

by altardy on October 14, 2013


Heather and Amy were the first people I talked to after arriving at the GazBar.  They are sisters.  Amy decided one day that she wanted to do the couch to 5k program. Heather, already an avid runner, decided to be one of Amy’s biggest supporters and now they go to races together.  What a great sharing world this “running thing” provides us.  OH AND BY THE WAY–Amy cut 6 minutes off her personal best 5k time.  “Proud of you both. Stay strong and enjoy your abilities (right Amy) and time together in this great world.”   IMG_0009   

Pictured here with me are (l-r) Sadie, Gonzalo, Nicole, Katrina and Nina up front.  Sunday was Sadie’s 43rd day without smoking. “CONGRATS”.  I noticed her on the course because she was telling her group that “if she could do the race, so could they”.  Keep it up all of you. IMG_0011

I met Lynne and Mary Ann in the registration line.  After the race we re-met in the same area and I told them about the training tip I got by a nutrition professor while training for my U.S. run—-“always drink beer at the end of a day of running”. Lynne and I were already doing that and hopefully Mary Ann caught on later. 

I have a few more pictures in one more entry, so check it out.  Also, feel free to email me using my personal email .

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It was great meeting you at the race. Talking with you was a great motivator for me. I will be sure to do it next year…and plan to beat my personal best yet again! 🙂


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