Volunteers And Friends

by altardy on October 14, 2013


As many of you know, I like to throw in a plug for the volunteers as often as possible.  Being an organizer for races with up to 7,000 runners, I can’t give volunteers enough praise and thanks. Without them most, if not all, of these events would not exist. And Peter and I met at another race in the past.  Here he was a volunteering and at Slattery’s he was a runner along with family members.  Pictured here with his wife, Nancy, we were able to reminisce. IMG_0012   

More volunteers that made the day great were Jim(blue shirt), who very recently ran a Utah marathon and Craig who is wearing his 2012 Boston marathon jacket.  Talking with them was inspiring and made the day that much more uplifting.  IMG_0001

The crowds began to gather and by start time there were 200 or so runners and walkers. For a 1st annual race, that was a great start.  But, if you read the next two entries, you will see why this race will get bigger very fast.  Enjoy the pics and short stories to understand why.      


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