Family Gatherings And Spur Of The Moment

by altardy on October 28, 2013


The runners and walkers began to arrive on the scene and that’s exciting to me.  I get to talk and share the world of running with many, many people who I don’t even know.  The world of running gives us all a common ground and bond I don’t find in too many other areas of life.  And running helps bridge all ages. 


Sophia(110) is 12 years old and won her age bracket.  But wait–she ran a 19:35 5k.  That time would have won almost every other age bracket, too.  Pictured with her dad, Ron, and sister Vivian.  Ron is a runner and also competes in triathlons.  He stood with me about 50 yards from the finish line waiting for his daughters and we were able to cheer them on in the home stretch.  IMG_0023    

Pictured here with me(l-r) Oliver, Chris, Chris Jr., Cindy and front row are John, Julia and Grace. Chris had on his 2012 Boston Marathon jacket which sparked stories between us. John at age 7 ran our 5k course in  23:00.  Absolutely amazing.  These people and I somehow formed an instant friendship. They were all happy and excited and enjoying the day designed for all of them.  IMG_0017   

I met Mary checking out the large map we had of the course.  It was fun to cheer her on later as she was in the finishing stretch.IMG_0005  

David didn’t even know he was coming to our race until the night before.  He evidently is known for doing things more spur of the moment.  When one of his friends inquired what his plans were for Sunday, he told them he had none, they told him about our race, and here he is.  It was great to meet you David hope you had a great day.

I have one more entry with some more photos and stories.  Check it out and don’t hesitate to email me at any time either through this site or my personal email

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