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by altardy on October 28, 2013



For all four years now, after we start the race, I then move to an intersection about 50 yards from the finish line. I have deemed it “My Spot”. There are many reasons for this.  First, and always foremost, is to make sure that the runners and walkers make it through the final intersection safely. Second, is that many of the participants walk by that point after they have finished and took part in the festivities and food.  Mike and Brittany were doing just that when we caught a photo together.  I like to listen to everyone’s thoughts about the race, the course and their “Give A Hoot” experience.  IMG_0025  

A third reason is to cheer the finishers on in the last stretch with the finish line in view.  High 5ing and shouting encouragements, cause they all matter to me and I know I need it when I’m in the same position.IMG_0020  

And in this race, which includes costumes of all kinds, I have no clue what the person I’m cheering on even looks like.IMG_0024  

This is the last photo I have from The Toasted Owl Race.  But I need some help here.  These sweet lady’s were nice enough to let me get a photo with them, even struck a cute pose, and I have lost the paper with their names.   Could someone please email me their names so I can make my final entry complete. 

So that’s a rap on The Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot for Cutchins 2013.  If you weren’t there you missed a great time with music, dancing, costumes, RECORD TURN OUTS, awards and of course a run/walk for a great cause making the day so much more special. 

“Thank you’s” to Fred and Pam for being such wonderful people to work with,  to ALL the volunteers–without you events like this would not happen—and, of course, to all the great people that showed up to run and walk—every year you inspire all of us to try and make the next year even more special for you.  THANK YOU AND WE’LL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.

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