Safety, Next Year And The Water

by altardy on October 28, 2013


Corey is with the Northampton P.D. and came out to help with the roads and keeping the runners and walkers safe.  From the first minute he arrived he was checking to see where he would be the most help and ready to jump in and help make this the great day that it turned out to be. IMG_0015  

Gwynne is a new addition to the team trying to help Fred and I, not only to make this a successful event this year, but already asking about what she can do to help next year.        IMG_0013


Lisa and Vincent were on site early helping to set up and then made their way to work one of the water stops.  And as a runner or a walker you appreciate them being there.

Ok.  You’ve read about the pace, the organizers, the volunteers, and the entertainment.  There are 3 entries after this one with pictures and stories about those that came to participate… read on.

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