And You Thought It Was Just Another Day At The Road Race

by altardy on October 28, 2013


Steve, from station 94.3,  not only came with his music and sound system, but was all about the Halloween festivities.  His little pup posed for more pictures than anyone there.  IMG_0006    

The “Bum Steers” played for the crowd. They are a great local band that volunteered to play to show their support for the cause.IMG_0018

The Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School brought dancers that did a wonderful performance before race time. They were tremendous to watch.IMG_0022  

We even had a brass band.  These people played for the runners and walkers at the finish line. And provided a “starting” trumpet for the race to begin.   

It was Pamela’s hard work, and that of her support team, that added soooo very much to the atmosphere and kept the day alive and upbeat.  

I have four more entries after this one with pictures and some great short stories. Check them out.

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