They Don’t Do It For The Glory

by altardy on October 28, 2013

I write about the people who volunteer to help put races on all the time. Almost every race I have run, and written about, has had pictures about volunteers and talks about how vital they are.  But, when it’s a race that I’m helping putting on, there are special people who seem to step to the plate and help.  It gets to where you know the day would not be the same if they were not there.  Well I’m going to introduce you to a few of my closest friends that not only have been helping us from day one, but, that I feel blessed to call friends. IMG_0009

Mickey is one of the first people to show up to help out. She dives right in and does whatever anyone might need for help. A very special person. IMG_0004

Scott and Joel are out setting up the course early.  Then they stay out on the course directing and protecting the runners and then pick everything up when the day is done.IMG_0014  

Jill, Scott’s wife, has really added enthusiasm and energy in the ares of promoting and organizing.  Always behind the scenes but incredibly vital.IMG_0008  

Fred, a great runner himself, has spent four years helping us with timing on the course.  He is also the chiropractor that has helped me through more injuries than I can count. IMG_0021  

Steve and his wife Heidi have showed up early every year to set up the tents that are such a vital part of the day.  Don, the owner of Northampton Rental Center donates many things to the race and the cause, and Steve and Heidi bring it all to us and help set it all up.


These people don’t do any of these things for the recognition. They do it because that’s the great people that they are. So for me to be able to tell you about them is an honor.

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