First Timers, Local To Me, And Some Team Members

by altardy on June 2, 2014


George, with the “running sucks” shirt, ran his first race that day.  Pictured here with Barbie(698), Tracy(565), Jeanne and Laurie.  George was already talking about doing more races by the end of the day.  “IMG_0007George—Welcome to our world”.  

I’m pictured here with Samantha, Rob, who also ran his first race that day –“CONGRATS”, Mike and Matt.  Turns out Mike and Matt are from the same area I live and Matt ran the Holyoke St. Patty’s Day Race, for which I am an organizer.IMG_0008  

Eric is also from western Mass, as I am.  He heads up a team called “Team Ghost Riders” and had come to run with some of his posse.   IMG_0021    

Many of the “Run Keeper” team were seen everywhere that day. I finally tracked some down for a photo. (l-r)Sam, Jim, Daniel and Laura. 

Everyone was having such a great time that smiles and laughter were what the day was all about. 

There’s one more entry to check out and then make plans to join us next year.

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