by altardy on June 2, 2014


 “Glen Would Go” is a foundation and a team of people created when a friend to them all, Glen Doherty, was killed in Bengazi.  He was a Navy Seal and gave his life while serving our country. Lauren and  Sheryl wore their shirts proudly.IMG_0020  

Notch was a beer I had never tried before race day.  We became good friends that day.IMG_0025  

Caesar was one of the watchful eyes making sure the day went smoothly–which it absoultely did.  And Laurie wore her Holyoke St. Patty’s Day race tee shirt proudly in the Cambridge race.IMG_0003    

And then there was Rob, who along with a couple other folks, was setting the bar high to us with small cans and cups of the liquid gold.  

A fantastic day was had by everyone there.  I have 2 more entries where you can see many of the runners that “ran for beer”.

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It was a pleasure to meet and speak with you this day.

Good luck with the Alaska to Florida run pal! I’ll be checking in on you.

See you next year possibly?


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