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by altardy on June 23, 2014


Rebecca and I started talking as we were getting to run.  She pushes her daughter, who gives her mom words of wisdom as they cruise around the courses. 

To show how small the world of running can be, I knew of Rebecca and she knew of me.  I am working along with the Mass. Easter Seals to set up some fund raising events.  Turns out that the Easter Seals fund raiser, Katie, and Rebecca are friends and travel to races together.  And none of us are from Worcester.   IMG_0005

Jonathan(51), Mark and I met as the carbs were flowing.  From that conversation may come some fund raising events in the Stafford Springs, Conn. area. You never know where great things start.


Annette, Suzanne and Audrey are friends that live many, many, miles apart.  But they use running races as one way to gather together.

Turns out they all run the Holyoke St. Patty’s Day race.  Not only do I run that race, but I am also on the organizing committee.  Not only did we share stories of past races, but, I gave them some up dates on some great tweeks that we’re doing to make our race even better.IMG_0019       


I caught up to Sam( next to me), Mark and Casey, along with their son, and Patricia towards the end of the running day. 

I had talked to Casey a few hours earlier, because she is one of the organizers, as is Patricia.  Their efforts, along with many other people, were truly reflected in the greatness of the event.IMG_0009  

John, Catie and I met in the line that lead us to what we have in our hands. What better time to get to know each other than while waiting in the line to reload on the carbs we needed after putting out so much effort running. 

They met recently while attending medical school.  As a very seasoned runner I made sure they understood the medical importance of what we possessed in the cups. 

There are 2 more entries with many more photos of the wonderful day that this event brought to Worcester.

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Hi Al
What a nice surprise to see our shining faces on your blog. I’m so glad that we met and I’m sure we will meet again at future races. Audrey


Hi, It was absolutely a pleasure to met you Sunday. I am looking to run Thursday at the Elks. Are you still planning the same? Al


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