Proud To Be Here

by altardy on June 23, 2014


Amy and her son, Eric, were at the race site even earlier than I was, and I was 2 hours early.  No, she didn’t run in these clothes.  Living farely close by, she was able to go home, clean up and return for the rest of the festivities. 


Troy, Dan and John were also there early.  Troy took first in his age bracket, so a toast was inevidable.IMG_0018  

Hillary(#21) and Erin ran also.  Mark and Sharon, who are friends of the ladies, showed up just as the free beer time ran out and bought the next round for all of us.  “Thank you”.IMG_0010  

Dave and I have both been running for many years.  The world of running allowed us a  common ground for a great conversation between 2 people that had just met.IMG_0013

Marilyn was the first peoson I talked after finishing the race.  She was proud to tell me that she is 65 years old and this was her first race in many years.  And I am so proud of her.  These are the stories I love to find when I head somewhere to run.

Maybe she could teach some of my male mocho, athletic remenents to get their butts off the couch and do something.  

There is one more entry about all the freebees that came along with this race, so read on.

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Great to meet you Al at Pauliestock 5k. Keep up the good work with your blog and with your running! David.


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