Everything We Needed

by altardy on September 7, 2014


Runners, food, music and glasses of carbs, what a great combination to help create a great day.  Steve, Sara, Bill, Kara and myself posed for this photo— just cause I asked. And turns out they didn’t know each other until I asked them to pose for the picture. Cause that’s the way we are. IMG_0024 

John and I met for the first time a couple months ago at a race that started about a half mile from this one.  He ran the race but also belongs to the C.M.S. running club.  This club has lots of volunteers that help put on many of the races in the area.IMG_0025 

A band called The Joshua Tree filled the air with awesome music which …….IMG_0014 

entertained the crowd and added to the atmosphere, which has always been great at the Canal Diggers Race.

I’ve got 2 more entries with short messages after this one, so read on.

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