It Pays To Wander

by altardy on September 7, 2014


Before leaving Worcester on race day I always make my way to some of the gathering places near by.  There are always many of the runners that have run the race that are doing the same thing.IMG_0027

Cary and I met at The Banner Bar And Grill.  He, also, is from a good distance away.  We had a great conversation and I found out he actually used to live in the city I live in and not to far from my house.  Small world…IMG_0028  

Janis is a runner but did not run the canal diggers that saturday. But, it’s not about the race sometimes.  The common ground of running always gives you reason to exchange great stories…IMG_0029 

Kim and Deb were also at the Banner.  We had talked just before the start of the race but not seen each other at the after party.  Proving that wandering to other places after the event is worth while.  You always meet great people.

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