A Few OF The Many Volunteers- Before You See The Runners

by altardy on September 14, 2014


Meet Marty.  Marty does anything the race committee asks of  him.  He brings in the sound people, the music people and the thing he marvels us all with is the feasts he puts out for our runners, walkers and volunteers. 

The food for this first annual event was awesome and plentiful.  The tables were full and the service was amazing.  If you don’t believe me just ask…..IMG_0005   

these people.  There were 4 lines of continous hungry people that were served as much as they wanted as fast as they needed it. 

“Great job” to Martyand all the people that put on this feast.IMG_0011 “Thanks You”.   

Jen always is one of the first votunteers to show up at our events and always has a beautiful smile that brightens up the day right from minute one.IMG_0001   

Collette is new to our ranks of crazy people putting on road races. 

The important thing is she was there and eager to help out. 

It takes many, many, many, many people hundreds of hours to put on the races that we (or any other event creators) do.  Thats why, as often as I can, I like to show you some of them and give them credit for there efforts. 

Now, I have 3 entries with lots of pictures of the runners.  So get to them and see how the day turned out.

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