Newbies, Friendships And Talking Running

by altardy on September 14, 2014


Matt was excited and exciting to meet.  This was the first race he had run since he was 10 years old.  He is now 40.  You can tell he was fired up by looking in this picture and seeing how many more runners you see. Let me help you out,  the answer would be “0”.  The 2 people you see in the backround are 2 volunteers. That’s how early he showed up.

 I can relate because, although I had ben running for 34 years before I ran my first race, the world of road races as you all know it to be today was new to me when I stepped into my first race registration headquarters.  And my first race since my college days was…..The Holyoke St. Patty’s Day Race with thousands of, oh yeah. you crazy people.

He was excited, did better than he thought he would, and I taught him the importance of reloading with carbs after the race (the adult beverage kind).  Congrats to you my friend. And welcome to our world. IMG_0019   

Just before the race I had promised this group of pretty ladies that I would get a picture of them for my website. I love the fact that running gives people a common interest that they can do together.  Age and ability are not  factors when you do it for the love of life and friendships.

Cindy, Amy, Kelley and Meaghan and a perfect example of what it’s all about.IMG_0008 

Dan,Michelle and I met recently at a race.  We spent time getting to know each other and got to share stories about the races we’ve all done in the past. 

I can tell that we are going to meet many more times in the future and we will all be dressed about like this each time.

There are 2 more entries after this one with more pictures.  So read on.

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