Friends- Both Old And New

by altardy on September 14, 2014


Chris and I met many years ago, but not in a way having anything to do with running.  We then began seeing each other at races everywhere.  We endured lifes ups and downs, supporting each other through the downs and applauding each other during the ups.

Here, with his sweet lady Toni, we got to update each other on life.  By the way Toni kicked both our butt,s time wise, in the race.  So much for male ego.     IMG_0003 

Here we have Heidi and her daughter Lauren, who is  fresh out of Colorado State University.    

We started the race side by side in the starting coral and ended up listening to great music on the lawn after the race.

And then we have a……..


father/daughter team with Grant and Molly.  I didn’t ask Molly what her time was for the race, because, it probably would have embarrassed me and her dad when we found out how much she probably beat us by.  

I’ve got one more entry with a couple more pics for you.  Check it out and then come join us both here AND the actual St Patty’s Day Race in Holyoke next year.

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