TD’S Sports Pub-699 Gratan St., Chicopee–Supporting Easter Seals

by altardy on September 29, 2014


TD’S Sports Bar And Pub was the scene of a very colorful day last Sunday. And as I loaded up my truck to help put the event on…..IMG_0016 

it was a very different load of equipment then I usually carry to races I help put on.  Leaf blowers, pedistal fans, generators, what the heck was this stuff for?IMG_0017  

As I made my way into TD’S parking lot, what was up became very evident.  Today was the day to color the neighborhood.IMG_0010   

As, Tommy Hill, owner of TD’S  joined hands with myself and Easter Seals to put on a”color run”.  The order of the day was to not let anyone leave without getting blasted with paint. 

Read the next few entries to see just how colorful the day became.

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