Ready For The Day

by altardy on September 29, 2014


I want you to meet two great friends of mine.  Terry(left), who volunteered to cook on the grill, and Tommy Hill.  Tommy owns TD’S Pub and was the sponsor for the event.  Both of them serve in the Air Force Reserve.  It’s an honor for me to call them “friends”.   Tommy is always stepping to the plate when it comes to helping charities, both local and national.  It was his time and efforts that put this day together.  IMG_0022 

Katie is the Easter Seals fund raiser for Massachusetts and worked with Tommy and myself to put on the color run.  You can check out our next event at   

We were set up early with tents and volunteers in place….IMG_0019  

and I was getting ready to “let everyone have it”.

Check out the next few entries to see how the colorful event went.

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