An Entry About Volunteers

by altardy on September 29, 2014


Glen was a runner and also volunteered to help us give the runners one last blast of color as they crossed the finish line.  Glen and I teamed up with Joan to make their memories colorful.   IMG 

Chris is a friend of mine who came to help out.  He did that with only one day’s notice and helped with multiple duties.  He directed traffic and joined in with painting anyone within reach.  IMG_0002 

Karissa had participated as a runner in a similar race recently.  So it was easy to get her to volunteer to be at the–color dispensing–part of our race. I don’t think anyone, runner or volunteer, got past her without paying the colorful price.  And proof of her efforts showed up on…….IMG_0004  


There are 2 more entries with more pictures. Read on about the day of red, yellow, purple and blue…..

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