The Colors Were Everywhere

by altardy on September 29, 2014


So, as you can see, a paint war broke out in the parking lot.  (l-r) Sarah, Courtney, Kim and Lisa came to have a good time, and that they did.  Kim, by the way, just recently ran her first half marathon.  Congrats to her.   IMG_0021                      

Josh was running his third race that day and his son, Dave, who was running his very first race ever.  It was fun to watch them cross the finish line proudly together. IMG_0001 

I believe this is Zack (if I am wrong please email me).  He did his first Rugged Maniac the day before our race.  He arrived after everyone had already started, but, pinned on his bib # and headed out.  He did not finish last either.  IMG_0005 

And Willy is only a week from running a marathon.  He finished first, which I hope is a good sign for his longer run to come.   

Well there were many more runners and we all had a great time.  Watch for us next year and join in.  There is one more entry to read before we sign off at TD’S.  So read on.

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