A Little Chilly Start

by altardy on October 6, 2014


Some very dear friends were some of the first people to start coming up to the scene of the event.  Tracey and Liz are here with me along with Liz’s two sons.  I handed the two boys squeeze bottles full of the powdered colors  and turned them loose on the ladies.  Don’t worry there was plenty of retaliation on the women’s part.IMG_0007 

Faith was one of the first to make her way in also.  I think I promised I’d wait til after the run before I colored her.  I think. Ok, maybe I listened but didn’t hear. Isn’t that what most of us guys do? Right ladies…   IMG_0004


  Luana and Claudia were the first runners to make their way to the same day registration table.  I waited til they signed in before I started with the colored powder.  Didn’t want to scare them before they were official.  IMG_0014     

The crowd gathered slowly that morning, probably due to a bit of a chilly start to the day. But things really cranked up the closer to start time it got.  Check out the next entry to see what a little warming helped happen.

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