Fourth–Fourth–And Fourth

by altardy on October 6, 2014


YES–If you’ve been keeping up with my blog entries for any length of time, you have seen Stephanie many times.  We met FOUR years ago when her and my daughter were both running their very first races.  Last saturday her normal running partner was not around and she asked if I would run the race with her?  It was an honor for me.  We ran the course, had some great conversations along the way, and she had one of her best times in quite awhile.  And, looking at the results, she saw that we BOTH finished FOURTH in our age groups.  Pretty cool ay.IMG_0027 

This is Tom, Stephanie’s husband.  We met four years ago, also.  He is at every race that Stephanis runs and him and I have become great friends.  And, although running’s not his thing, he’s the best support team and cheering squad anyone could ever have. IMG_0034  

Stephanie is part of the great Worm Town Runners Club in Worcester.  Melissa, Pete, 5k Pete, Stephanie and myself have shared alot of great times.  Also we’ve had many cups of carbs together.  Which is probably how this was inspired.  “Thanks for another great time together”.  IMG_0024  

And this is Brodie.  He is also part of the Worm Town Runners Club.  However, Brodie decided not to follow the FOURTH pattern that Stephanie and I had established.  NNNOOO he had to go and finish third over all.  “Just kidding Brodie”.  Great job. 

I have one more entry after this one with more photos and some words about the great day in Worcester.

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