Run Like An Antelope, Worcester

by altardy on October 6, 2014


October FOURTH I arrived at my FOURTH race in Worcester this year.  REMEMBER THE “FOURTH”  THING AS YOU READ THE NEXT ENTRIES.  It was recommended to me by one of my favorite running buddies, who you will also meet in the next entry. 

She was sooooo right.  This was a great race, on a great day, put on by great people and raised money for a great cause.  It was the 3rd annual race to remember Megan Lally who lost her battle with cancer. 

This race is going to be one of those races that grows very quickly, because it has all the right parts and motivation. IMG_0032 

It was held at the Fiddlers’ Green Pub on Temple St.  I have many good memories of races that happened here and this day would add to that great feeling.IMG_0017 

I arrive my normal 2 hours early and the parking was waiting in great anticipation for the day to unfold.   IMG_0020   

Rusty was one of the main organizers and was everywhere doing everything that day.  As an organizer myself, I know that I look and do the same things on my race days.  Him and his group did a wonderful job and I’ve got photos in the next two entries to prove it. 

But also heIMG_0030 had a secret weapon that day.  TWO in fact  in Claire and Sarah.  These wonderful ladies were the people pouring the cups of carbs to help the runners reload after our running day was done. 

Read the next 2 entris to see part of how great things turned out.

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