Here’s To The Great People That Came To Run And Walk

by altardy on October 29, 2014


Being a race and a costume event we had people dressed in different running garb then normal.  Chris not only finished with an impressive time, but, also took top honors in the adult costume catagory.IMG_0010 

Eric looked very familiar to me when I saw him run by me in second place.  So I made sure I found him later in the day.  Turns out he won the race I went to the day before in Worcester.  Except, he was dressed in a full size banana costume.  Shows you the clothes don’t make the runner. The Worcester write up is after the Toasted Owl write up. IMG_0021  

Jack, with his father Charles, was running only his second race ever.  He recieved the 1st lpace metal for his age bracket.  CONGRATS TO HIM. IMG_0023


And the costume award for an aminal was a split decision. Dorothy brought her canine version of the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man.    

I have one more entry with some of the other runners after this one, so check it out.

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