Three Of The Unsung Heros For That Day

by altardy on November 11, 2014

IMG_0004The organizing of the run to help Moose’s family started with one of Moose’s best friends, Lt. Col. Jed “Chowda” Conaboy.  Jed is also a pilot out of Barnes and has flown along side of Moose.  But Jed had some great people that steeped to the plate to help put together an event such as this on such short notice.  IMG_0028  

Jen and her husband Steve were a big part of that help.  Jen became Jed’s “wing woman” for this mission.  She was the person that pulled it all together for every meeting.  Checking off all the details and who was responsible for what.  On race day if questions needed to be answered 90% of them were asked of Jen or Jed.  Steve was everywhere doing everything, both out on the course and in the registration/raffle/food/ gathering rooms. 

There were many, many more people that it took to put on such a successful day.  But these were Moose’s unsung heros on November 9th.  Check out the 30 plus more photos in my following entries and see for yourself what a great day it was.  And then put this event on your calender for next year and come and join us.

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