Are They Volunteers? Are They Runners??

by altardy on March 24, 2015

Some of my favorite people are those that not only run in races, but are willing to jump in and volunteer to help make them happen.  This year many of the people doing that were also friends of mine.IMG_0047

Here are Elizabeth (running her first race ever), Stephanie, Brenna and Chris.IMG_0019

Katie is the Massachusetts fund raiser for Easter Seals.  We also put on races and walks together during the rest of the year.IMG_0031

Jed is a great friend.  He is a pilot in the Air National Guard, stationed at Barnes Air Base in Westfield.  Some of the organizers from the St Patty’s Race Committee helped Jed to put on a race for one of his close friends. Moose was also a pilot but he died in a crash this past year.  Together we created The Moose Race. 

Jed has now joined the our ranks and jumped in in many ways to help us. IMG_0024 

And these womderful ladies came to help because they are friends of Stephanie. They stepped to the plate with her to help out.  Unfortunately I have forgotten their names. I will blame the forgetfulness on the craziness of the weekend, the hundreds of new people I was introduced to that weekend, the excitement of having Bill Rodgers around OR — OR–OR  JUST MAYBE IT WAS ALL THE BEER I DRANK  LATER.  But, once I learn the names again I will update this entry. ********OK, I found out that it is Cassandra on the left and Jacelyn on the right.  But I thought my entry was kinda cute, so I left it. 

“Thank you” to them and all the other volunteers that make the event come together.   



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