Some Of The People That Make Things Happen

by altardy on March 24, 2015

I always take time to give credit to volunteers.  Without them MANY things in this world would not get done.  And this  holds true with races.  Also, it’s the volunteers that are behind the scenes and recieve little or no credit.  So, in the next 2 entries, you will meet some of the voulnteers that made it possible, for all the runners pictured in the entries following these, to have a great race. IMG_0005

 Brynn and Haley are sisters and tremendously hard workers. they not only help with the race, but, are a big part of organizing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   

They were my first photo in race headquarters this year, as they have been for the last 3 years.  It is now officially a tradition.IMG_0001

My friend, Jed, is surrounded by women named Sue.

On the left is Sue, who represents People’s Bank. The bank is a very large sponsor of the race and parade. And Sue comes and helps out every year also.   Sue on the right is in charge of many aspects of the race tent, and has been for many years, as well as a vital part of the parade committee.IMG_0010     

Dave, on the left, is at the race doing things way before most people are awake that day. He puts out things for the water stops, signs and so many other things that make ig a good course for the runners to be on.

Archie has been on the race committee since it started in 1976.  He also ran in the first 10 races.  He brings knowledge, insite and experience to the race and the committee.IMG_0012        

Johnny has really become a great friend over the last few years.  He does great things for the race and the parade.  He, also,  was also one of the people that made sure that it was me that got to walk with Bill Rodgers in the parade the next day.  Which, for me,  made the weekend very special.

There are 6 entries with runners, walkers, smilers and crazy people after this entry.  So get into them and see if your picture is there.

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