The Last Of The Pictures

by altardy on August 9, 2015

Here are the last of the pictures I have from The Worcester Brew Run.  If you really want to enjoy a day of running and tasting some great beers, follow these brew runs where ever they might be.  And, watch for this one when it comes back to Worcester next year.IMG_0014  

This is a great old friend of mine, Bob, who took up running just a short time ago. We had not seen each other in many years.  It took running and beer to bring us back together.  IMG_0007 

This is Holly on the left and a wonderful woman on the right, who’s name I can pronounce but not spell.  When she sees this picture I’m hoping she will email me with the correct spelling, please.IMG_0013 

Andy is a guy who especially likes to ride bicycles competitively, but does running races for the added comorodery.IMG_0008  

And Dennis, after talking with him for a short time, has done many of the races that I have done.  So, it was fun to share running tales with him.


I usually take more pictures while at a race, but, let me remeind you that this race had 30 plus breweries and I had to turn my attention to not leaving a brewery untasted. :-) But come next year and enjoy this Brew Run for yourself.

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It was great to see you Al! Hope to see you again at another run!


Hey Al! Hope all is well. You are certainly a man of your word as I see our picture made it up on the page! Wow time has been cranking by. Sorry it took me awhile to catch up with you. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you about the wonderful events and brews at hand. Would love to help out and partake in any future events that you need a hand with. I also have friends that would enjoy helping out! Take care and hope to see you again soon. -Dennis


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