A Tribute To The Volunteers

by altardy on September 13, 2015

If you’ve followed my blogging for any length of time, you know I like to give volunteers some cudos.  I help organize 8 different races and I can tell you that without these unsung heros none of them would exist.  So here are just a couple of the hundreds of poeple that helped this great day come together.IMG_0007 

This is Cheryl.  I arrived almost 3 hours early and she was getting there at the same time.  Cheryl was there to head up a group of volunteers from Fallon Health, one of the races main sponsors, to do whatever was asked of them to help the day be better for everyone.IMG_0025 

Jim and I met last fall when he was dressed very differently. 

We met at Worcester’s Holloween Race.  He was dressed up as…Forrest Gump.  And, because of my trans-continental run, that tends to be what people tend to call me.  Jim is now, also, one of the organizers for the Canal Diggers Race.IMG_0024 Notice my friend Stephanie photo bombing us.  

Dave had a very, very important position on race day.  Dave was the one you had to go to so you could get your wrist band, so you could drink the free beer donated by Harpoon Brewery.  If you’re a beer drinker, and you come to this race, you know just how important Dave’ s job was.  IMG_0003 

And this is Mike.  He and I met 9 years ago at this race.  He has had his picture in my blog every year since.  He is one of the people that ride bicycles on the course to help keep the runners safe.  

There are 5 more entries with pictures and stories about the runners after this entry.  But remember, without hundreds of people, just like these great folks, who donate their time to make the day happen and special, there would be no event.  The next time you go to an event like this take a little time and thank the volunteers you see…..they deserve it.

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