Canal Diggers Road Race 2015

by altardy on September 13, 2015



Saturday September 12th at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre was the 9th annual Canal Diggers Road Race. I run 20-30 races a year and help organize 8 others.  For me, and this was my 8th time here, the Canal Diggers truly is one of my favorite races of the year.      

I have always gone there expecting a great day and time.  And I’ve never been let down.IMG_0014 

Paul Foley Sr. has been the main organizer from it’s beginning and has passed the the leadership on to…IMG_0006  

Paul Foley Jr.. And I believe this great event will go on for a long, long time because of their leadership. 

You need to read my write up, look deeper into the great times this race brings each year, and put it in BOLD LETTERS in your calender for next year.  You will come away with a great time and great memories.  So read my blogs and plan on meeting me there next year.  I have 6 entries after this one so you can see some of the great times from last saturday.

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