Great Friends

by altardy on March 20, 2017

I see many running friends at this race every year. Some I knew outside of running and some because of running.  The St. Patty’s Race brings us all together.  

Jason, who I call “Tuba Jay” is tremendously well known in the running world. He’s also easy to spot amid and sea of runners.  The reason is that he carries and plays the tuba in all the races he does. Some people have trouble carrying a bottle of water while they run.

Mike, Tommy and I met initially through sharing some “adult beverages” at some of the local gathering places.  Neither one was a runner when we met.  Times have changed.


Eric, Brodie and I met at different races in the past years.  They have struck up a small rivalry between themselves and it’s great to see the friendships that are created because of the running world.  

I am a house painter by trade.  I met Norm when he became the sales rep. for the paint store where I get my supplies and material.  The running has served as a great way for us to see each other outside of the working enviroment.

I have one more entry with the last of the pictures from our race.  Check it out.

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Awesome Al! Thanks for the shout out; It was an absolute honor to take last place this year to help out with the walk. As my health gets better again I will see you at even longer ones! (Right? Something about doing a state together!?) Great site too; love the pictures/stories!

Your Bud,
J. Witbeck


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