Major Cudos To The Wormtown Milers

by altardy on March 20, 2017

To put on a race the size of the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day 10k requires an enormous number of volunteers. It requires 300-400 folks that are willing to take time out of their celebrating on a holiday.  Many of the people come from our race and parade committee.  But, without the people, outside of committee members,  that show up just to help on race, day it would be almost impossible.

Awesome,Awesome, Awesome is how I describe the volunteers that are part of the Wormtown Milers Running Club who showed up on race day. They came (33 of them) from the Worcester area and traveled as a group that morning to help us make the race happen.  They arrived ahead of almost all the volunteers and took over the registration tent, helping with everything that they were asked to do.  They helped with “same day” registration, they helped hand out bib numbers, they directed people throughout the tent and they took over the shirt tables completely.

I am a member of this great group of people and have been a “Wormtown Miler” for just over a year.  And every day I am with them is a special day. Excitement and laughter follow these folks where ever they go, along with tremendous support of each other.

I did make sure I had a car full of liquid “rewards” for our post race gathering. “THANK YOU ALL” for who you are and what you do.  I am proud of you and proud to be a Wormtown Miler.

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Thanks for such a great day Al.
Also thanks for the liquid car!


We are so happy to help, and so honored to have you amongst our membership. We can’t wait for next year! <3


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