Many Years Of Helping

by altardy on March 20, 2017

There are many, many people that work behind the scenes to make such an event happen.  There is no way I could put all their pictures on my site. So I have a few pictures to be able to let you see some of the unsung heros of the St. Patty’s Race.

Sue was one of the first people I got to work with during my first year on the committee and in the registration tent.  She is always everywhere doing everything to help make things keep moving.

Steve Jones flies in from Boulder, Colorado every year to help.  He has many friends here and comes to lend a hand.




Brynn and Haley are sisters dedicating enormous amounts of time and effort to both the race and the parade.

Larry has become a great friend.  I first met Larry 5-6 years ago at this race.  He is on the Holyoke PD and a great supporter of Holyoke both on and off duty.


And Mickey has been helping at the race and the parade for a number of years doing whatever she is called on to do to keep things progressing forward.

Johnny D and James are always working hard and keeping smiles on everyone’s faces.

There are 3 more entries following this one.  Check them out to see if you are pictured there.

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