Without Sponsors There Would Be No Race

by altardy on March 20, 2017

Without the time, effort and financial support of sponsors there would be no Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Day Race.  What I like is that I get to work with some of the people that are the race’s contacts with these organizations.  Two in particular have become great friends.

Matt works with Peoples Bank.  Peoples Bank is the largest supporter of our race.  They supply a large part of the financial backing to help put on the race. But, Matt is at every meeting and brings a large number of volunteers from the bank to help in the registration tent.  He’s a great, enthusiastic friend who understands what we are doing and what we need to put on such a large race.

Bill Lynch, next to me in the yellow jacket, is our link to Stop And Shop.  Stop And Shop has donated all the food for the runners, food in the tent for the volunteers and some of thefood needed for some of the other events associated with the race and parade.  Plus, on race day he co-ordinates the Peapod truck coming to the race and the work force behind putting out and replenishing the tables with food for all the runners at the end of their run.

These are 2 great organizations and are well represented by these 2 men.

“THANK YOU” Peoples Bank and “THANK YOU” Stop And Shop for all you do.

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