by altardy on March 20, 2018

Many people knew that I had a sprained ankle on race day.  But this race would be my 18th year in a row of running this race.  It was supposed to be a race day decision as to if I would risk it or not.  After being surrounded by all the runners that morning and the running/festive atmosphere there was no choice.  I had to at least attempt the run but not run it with the idea of how fast, just get to the end.  It’s a 10k course and is not an easy one.  So I agreed that if I felt trouble with my ankle that I would stop.  Off we went…….

At the 1.7 mile point, and feeling a little pain, I stopped into a buddy’s pup.  I was poured a triple shot of Jamesons .  Part of which is in this picture but was gone shortly after this picture was taken.  On the way to the 3 mile point I was given a beer (or 2). 

After the 3 mile marker I was given a beer by a group of friends running past me pushing a stroller with a cooler in it.  So I stopped into a friends house, who happened to see me, and went inside to visit and partake of the beverage.  I then continued the race…….

and was given a couple more beers and some nips of fireball.

By the time I was headed past the 5 mile marker and headed into the home stretch (and another 2 beer, beer stop, I realized I was absolutely feeling no pain….anywhere (-:  .  I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CONDONE OR RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE RUN THIS OR ANY RACE IN THIS MANNER.  But I did finish my 18th Holyoke St. Patty’s Race.

Now check out the next few entries to see the people that ran it the correct way.  And a special guest in the final entry.

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