How Many Times Do You See The Same People?????

by altardy on December 12, 2011


NO, I am not drinking while I’m putting these pictures into my blog.  And, YES, I know that the same 4 people are in all 4 shots.  Actually I supposedly had a shot of the 4 amigos from all 7 stops!!!

Jessica, Dave, Chris(green shirt) and I had our picture taken, with my camera, at all the stops.    Remember, though, the people I had taking our pictures were participating in the same pub run that we were.  That could explain the missing pics. 

But if you notice the first photo and the last were taken at the same place, Brennan’s, and not only were we all still smiling, but, we had a couple of folks join us.  Jen is on the left and Elizabeth (Rudolf) is on the right.   Check out the next 3 entries and you will see that we did get a lot of great photos of a great day and event.

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