It’s All In The Prep

by altardy on December 12, 2011


The smiles were everywhere and continious.   Gail had such a great smile that she lit up the every place we stopped.  And we had matching hats and almost matching Boston Marathon jackets, too. 

Donna, also, was wearing a marathon jacket.  Her’s was from the ING Marathon.  Her husband, Steve, was with her on this–training–run.  

John and Karen were happy I had my camera along.  They wanted to prove to their daughter that they had finally gotten to Griffin’s.  And with this picture and the Griffin’s sign in the background, they have proof. 

This photo was taken while we were carbo loading prior to starting the run.  Cherri, Chip, Gail and Melony were making sure everyone was prepped for the journey.  AND–we were.

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