I Would Have Bought You One, But You Weren’t There—Too Bad– We Were

by altardy on December 12, 2011


Brennan’s, on High Street in Holyoke, was the place to be on December 11th.  The sun was shining and the people were gathering for the Holiday Pud Run.   

That’s right, a less than 2 mile, run at you own leisurley pace, with 7 pub stops between the start and finish.  Actually, Brennan’s was both the starting and finish lines. 

About 35 of us showed up to take on the daunting task.  We encouraged eachother to make sure everyone had enough carbs in them before the start and at each “Carb Stop”.   

   Marti was one of the main organizers of this grueling display of man (and woman) against mother nature and “hops”. Marti is pictured with Steve, Donna, myself,  Chris and Jessica.

Mary was also an organizer, and the one who twisted my arm (right!!) to come and participate. It was a fantastic event, with great people, great weather, and a special way to bring in the holiday spirit.

There are 4 more entries to prove that wherever you were that day–it was the wrong place to be.  Unless,of course, you were there with us.  Check them all out.   Feel free to email me at  tardy4@comcast.net , especially with your appology for not showing up.  AND, don’t make the same mistake next year. Or you’ll get another stocking full of coal.


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