2 Firsts, A Humble Friend And A Kodak Moment

by altardy on March 19, 2013

IMG_0024The Three Amigos.  I graduated with Paul (orange hat) and Dennis and I have known each other for about 6-7 years.

  Dennis has been in my blog entries a few times from a few races. I call him one of the humble greats. He is a fantastic runner but is humble in every definition of the word when it comes to talking about his talent. He’s always encouraging others and encouraged Paul to come run the St.Patty’s Race.

  Paul, you have to understand, has not run since high school soccer.  Though I believe Paul to be a great guy and a great friend, my bets were a “no-show” or a “no finish” and I don’t say or think that about someone normally.  He did have his own training regiment that gave me such an opinion.  But I will admit to the world right here right now that I WAS WRONG ABOUT PAUL. He ran it and he finished it. I’m proud of both of them and think I owe them a couple buckets of carbs. 

How did Dennis do you ask?  When I asked him he said “not that great, I was kinda slow”. He kicked my butt by beating me by 10 minutes.IMG_0031

Kristen was at the race with her mom as her cheering squad.  Kristen was there to run her first race and I couldn’t tell if her or her mom were the most excited.IMG_0033

I found Wendy sitting in the tent after the race enjoying some yogurt. The first picture I took after running was this one ’cause it just seemed like a Kodak moment.

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