More People That Were Out There For The Runners

by altardy on March 19, 2013

IMG_0053Meet John.  But don’t expect to stop him for any long conversations. I feel lucky I was able to even get a photo of him.  He was EVERYWHERE and it seemed to be ALL AT ONE TIME. Great guy, great new friend and dedicated to the race and  smoothly whatever it takesIMG_0046.

While all the runners are trying to get themselves ready for a 30-90 minute run, volunteers are constantly on the move for HOURS. Jim, Connor and Dave talk about water stops and radios being distributed to provide constant communication.IMG_0048    


MacKenzie “Mac” has a heart dedicated to helping others. He was instrumental in getting additional volunteers and was willing to do whatever / whenever to get things done. He is already organizing his own races (you’ll learn more about them during the year) but wants to help anyone that needs his help with their races.

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