The Primate, The Dancers, The Guard, And The Much More Mellow

by altardy on March 19, 2013

IMG_0027Jay, other wise known as “The Primate Fiasco”,  runs the race not only wearing the tuba, but also playing the tuba along the way.  I no longer want to hear anyone complain about the weight of the camel back water bag they have to carry on a long run.IMG_0025

Gina and Laurie were dancing up a storm in the tent after the race.  Food, water and whatever other refreshments follow the running of this course always need a celebration.IMG_0023

“STILL GETTING IT DONE” . A  saying embraced by 2 old friends.IMG_0028





And a sweet mellow smile during registration that helps make the little bit of chaos easier to take.  

Still 2 more entries and more photos after this.  Read  on.

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