Almost Missed Her

by altardy on June 3, 2013

IMG_0017These shoes caught my eye as I was under a tree catching a little shade and waiting for the announcement to start heading for the starting line.  After 40 or so years of running, I don’t think IMG_0015I’ve ever seen as colorful a pair of running shoes as these.

As I looked up I saw a wonderful smile and Madeleine with 2 messages for  the day.  On the back of her shirt it read “BE AMERICAN” and on the front “BE BOSTON”.  Along with that she had a sweet personality and an enjoyment of running.  Since it was  close to starting time I didn’t have my camera to catch a photo.  We talked of meeting again after the race when I had the camera in hand.  After the race we weren’t able to find each other in the crowd.


IMG_0016 I had already gotten in my car and was headed down the street when…..there she was walking in the other direction.  I turned the car around and stopped her and her dad, Paul, as they were about to turn a corner and I might have not found them.  Paul was not just there to support Madeleine, but also as a volunteer to support the cause. She had also just told her dad about this guy that she had met who had run across the United States. 

It truly was great to meet you both. I’m proud of you. 

There is one more entry to read and a message, so continue on.

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