Carb Angels

by altardy on June 3, 2013

IMG_0007I had arrived to the race quite early.  As I was heading for the registration tables I ran into Karen.  We had a small conversation and then went our separate ways, hoping to see each other after the race to see how our running had gone.IMG_0013 

As you can see, Karen did quite well.  The standing sheets were put up and the magic search for our names, times and positions began.  I did immediately notice she was searching on the listings in an area much closer to the winners than I was.  Not only did she kick my butt, time wise, she was the fastest woman in her age bracket.  No I am not going to tell you which age bracket.  Congrats on a great race.IMG_0011   

At one point in time after the race was over and I had consumed a lot of the food that was endless, I had thought about making my way out. But that little carb angel sitting on my shoulder said “one more, Al”.  I decided to not argue with the little guy and grabbed another cup…or two.  I also ran into some other folks who were listening to their carb angels, too.  Marsha, Laurie and Pete had also chosen not to argue.  Turns out Marsha and I had first met in Worcester at  race about 2 years ago.  Meeting them was fun and a real great finish to the day.IMG_0002 

Karen, Kate and I met in the  food line.  Kate had read Dave McGillivray’s book “The Last Pick”.  Dave and I ran across the United States at the same time. Separated by 2 weeks and only a couple hundred miles.  I told Kate to read it again because on page 105 Dave mentions my name.  He had just found about my journey. 

Two more entries to go.  Look for the message.

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