by altardy on September 8, 2013


This great bunch of women were having such a great time after the race I had to join in.  l-r Melissa, Ellen, Timary,  Trish, Elizabeth and Kate came, ran and enjoyed being together on what was a picture perfect day.  The friendships that are created over something as simple as running makes life a little more beautiful.IMG_0011

Becky, #8598, is a very dear friend.  She is an amazing runner and always has a smile that brightens the day.  I caught her at the Harpoon truck with Deirdre. I guess if you have a couple of cups of carbs we all smile.IMG_0017

Matt, Chris and Mike had all run the race and also found the same pub around the corner that I did.IMG_0007

One of the great things about the Canal Diggers race is the feast they have for all the participants.  I met Amy and Kristina in the line leading to the food.

  I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but, all the people in all the pictures you’ve seen were smiling.  Part of that is because we were laughing at you for not being there.  Don’t let that happen again.  I have one more entry with a few more photos. So check them out and next year you can be smiling along with us.

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