by altardy on September 8, 2013


Meet Carol, Stephanie, Tom and Becky.  Carol was running only her 2nd race and her first Canal Diggers.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for her she got to witness and be part of our little group. 

I met Stephanie, Tom and Becky 3 years ago at this race. It was Stephanie’s first race ever and it was also that year that my daughter Michelle was there running her first race ever.   We somehow met these wonderful people and we became instant friends.  They were also able to help calm some of my daughter’s fears and butterflies in a way that I couldn’t.  My Canal Diggers race day would not be complete without there to enjoy things together.  I am proud to call them friends.

But, you have to understand we all get along partly because we are all just a bit crazy.  I wasn’t sure which of the pictures I took of us I was going to put in this entry.  So, I will put in a few and let you see a small part of us.  IMG_0004


   Hey don’t you judge.  I’m sure there pictures somewhere of you being jut as crazy. I hope we didn’t scare Carol away.  Anyhow, there are 2 more entries with some more pictures so read them and put this race on your calendar for next year.  We promise we won’t paint your face if you show up.

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