by altardy on September 8, 2013


10 minutes after I arrived at the race I could have headed home feeling it was an amazing day.  As I got out of my car Roger was in the same parking lot.  He looked at me  and asked if I was Al.  Thinking this was someone I had met at a race at some point, but couldn’t remember who or where, I was a bit embarrassed to not be able to come up with a name. 

Roger informed me that we had never met.  He, however, said that he had somehow been introduced to my web site.  And that we had the same philosophy about running.  He went on to say reading some of my blog entries has inspired him to begin running again.  He also said that he came to the Canal Diggers race because of the writing I’ve done about the race and took a chance we might get to meet each other.

Pictured with his daughter, Heather, who came to cheer him on. And Roger and I toasted a new friendship. 

If you really know me, you would know that I am very humble about my running.  I feel one of my missions in life is to make other people feel good about themselves and try to inspire others to be happy with who they are.  There are times, however, when I really wonder if what I do is helping anyone.  Roger, it is you and your story that inspire me.  Keep on moving and enjoy what you do, you will inspire others–you have already inspired me.

I have 3 more entries with lots of photos and a lot of smiles, so read on and enjoy.

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