by altardy on September 8, 2013


As many of you who read my entries know, I not only run races but also help put races on. And if you’ve been reading for any length of time you would also know I feel the real heroes on race day are the volunteers.  Without them there would be very few races to attend.  So, this entry is just for a couple of these great people.  IMG_0018

Mike I met at this race about 5 years ago.  He’s always smiling and he rides the course on his bike working to keep the runners safe.IMG_0020

Carla was one of the first people you would see as you arrived.  She not only greeted people as they came to the registration area, but she also seemed to have the answers to all the questions people had.IMG_0019

And Joe was working doing many things in preparing the setting for race day.  I always encourage the runners to take the time to thank these people.  It is them that creates the day for the runners.

Check out the 4 entries I have and see how the day went.

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